I love a Breton stripe! There’s suddenly loads in my wardrobe of varying colours. I also have a lot of sunglasses – and a few sun hats to boot! Just need the final ingredient – sunshine!

I love boyfriend jeans but they don’t seem to love me – and my husband is certainly not a fan, maybe it’s in the name? 😉

Books – yep I can’t get enough of them, who can? I’m particularly into lifestyle books a wonderful, constant source of inspiration.

Saving our planet – little baby steps but this is a super important parallel passion that will never stop, how can it, we’ve got to make this planet healthy and happy for our children, right?

Being authentic to myself – I have taken a while (30+years) to figure out that I am my parents daughter and genetically will never be gamine so the Audrey Hepburn beat nick vibe I am always aiming for isn’t going to happen, I could probably channel a little Brigit Bardot vibe though if I made the effort.

And making the effort is the point, and that’s also where TIME comes into it.

Since I had my children my relationship with time has totally changed. Suddenly they have become markers of time, and boy is it flying by.

Now I manage my diary with a near regimented hand/eye/pencil (because plans always change).

I don’t have nearly as much time as I used to. Up until recently, I thought I still had all the time in the world – Oh No I don’t!

So now it’s full steam ahead and I haven’t got enough hours in the day. My working day is dictated by the school day (which is SHORT) and I still have to fit in the food shop (pretty lazy options available once in the kitchen), laundry, cleaning (of sorts) etc…

But this isn’t anything new to anyone reading this who mainly does the childcare I know.

I only wish I could have told my younger self to get on with it all sooner…but then I wouldn’t be here doing this now… as Robbie Williams says, ‘no regrets, they don’t work’.

So time + photo’s = memories.

Even better when you can sit down and take some time out of a hectic wifi connected day to look through a beautifully crafted album of all those special moments – that’s special and timeless.

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