Commercial Shoot for

Cakes By Krishanthi

Sometimes you meet someone who leaves a lasting impression on you.  I had this experience with the lovely Krishanthi many years ago when we were both beginning our journeys as self employed creatives.  I was embarking on my photography and Krishanthi her cake company, then life took its twist and turns and we lost touch.  Fast forward a few years to 2017 and our paths crossed again and I was asked to do a commercial shoot for the new website for her company Cakes by Krishanthi.

Krishanthi is a true artisan who, not only, excels in creating beautiful flavour combinations for her bespoke cakes, but also creates the most intricate, detailed and flawless sugar craft adornments.  I could not believe her sugar craft flowers were not real flowers!

The brief for the shoot was a collection of images that will show clients what Cakes by Krishanthi does: the organic ingredients, tools and final creation that goes into making these edible pieces of art.  Not forgetting a refreshed profile image of the master baker herself.

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