Lifestyle photography for

small businesses & creatives

Lifestyle photography – what is that you may ask? Well, perhaps it’s not so clean cut as saying it’s A, B and C. The word lifestyle incorporates so much but from my perspective as a photographer it can perhaps be whittled down to this: a curation of images that promote a vibe that will attract a certain tribe.

If you are an artisan, small business owner, entrepreneur then you will need to have imagery that will promote your skills and business. The commercial world relies on visual treats to generate curiosity and entice new customers. This is where lifestyle photography will be absolutely key in your business promotion.

A great example is a good friend of mine, Nicky Snowball, who after many successful years as an interiors stylist working with large companies, has branched out as an independent stylist and owner of online shop Puffin. Her curation of homewares and gifts online have a chance to be seen in reality via her pop-up shop which is hosted within her home. This is the perfect opportunity for Nicky’s expert styling skills and thoughtful sourcing of gifts to come together to create a truly cozy, aspirational lifestyle atmosphere. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to create a beautiful portfolio of images that create a story about Puffin when the pop-up shop closes.

If you would like to create a portfolio of images for your business please get in touch and have look at this for information on the packages that I offer to create a lasting impression for your amazing business.

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