So photography – well it all started way back with a little groovy 100 Kodak camera, affectionately known as my ‘spy’ camera because it was so slim and tiny.

I used to take loads of photos with that camera and would get really excited with the anticipation of receiving the printed images from the high street lab a week or so later, or even in the post (which was risky as they occasionally got lost in the post!)

I have fond memories of collecting the images as a teenager and going through them, re-living the moments that were snapped (definitely snapped, less composed) and laughing to myself at these captured moments.  Whilst enjoying them I was thinking how much I was looking foreword to seeing my friends and then sharing them with them, in their physical company and all living that past moment again.  I would then sometimes create pin board collages of these moments and have them hanging on my bedroom wall.

You see I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia and re-living memories, fun times, moments to celebrate.

Social media is awesome and allows everything, especially photos to be seen instantly and by all.  There is no anticipation now, if there is it’s most probably because the server is down and nobody’s happy waiting for the ‘wheel of doom’ on the screen to keep spinning – we want those images NOW!  There is no WAIT anymore, gratification is instant.  It is almost impossible to retain all the information we are viewing, there’s just so much.  Memories, those images of moments shared in reality, get mentally edited just because of how much we see, which can then mean we risk losing the great moments, the ones we really would love to hold onto.  We lose the good stuff.  Don’t just take my word for it, read this article by Julia Llewellyn Smith.

Do I need the 15000+ images on my phone?  Not really.  When will I sit down and take the time to look at them?  Probably never as I have a family that keeps me busy and life makes many demands.  So what’s the point of it all?  Why do we all have our phones out at every opportunity capturing ‘moments’ of time?  To be honest I’m not sure I know why.

So back to the memories and the question of how do we keep them fresh and tangible?  My answer is to invest the cherished moments within a beautiful, bespoke photo album. Then you will always have a reason to pause, reflect and reminisce.

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